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You have the best products, we have the best way to sell them online

The mere presence on the Internet of an online store is not enough to guarantee a constant and profitable sale to customers. The e-commerce market has in fact grown exponentially and with it the number of competitors with which to compete.

One of the hardest things about an ecommerce project is to bring customers to your online store. Statistics show that the conversion rate, i.e. the ratio of visitors to sales, is on average one purchase for every hundred visits. Therefore, in order to sell in a meaningful way, it is necessary to intercept the greatest number of customers interested in your products.

With storiediweb, our Marketing Automation application, you can create a real personalized editorial plan by scheduling the sending of newsletters to customers and posts on social channels. In this way it will be possible to increase your visibility on the network in a simple and economical way.

You choose whether to use this tool with your company trained staff or let our experts do it for you.

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