Take on the world of e-commerce as a protagonist

The Retalco Group is able to offer companies the best solution to start selling online: a robust e-commerce platform, a complete after-sales service and marketing to attract customers.
Our modular approach will ensure that you can choose only the services you need, in full respect of your corporate identity, in order to protect and grow the value of your Brand.


the professional e-commerce platform

The freecomm platform is the first e-commerce platform able to compete with large international platforms, beating them in terms of flexibility and knowledge of the Italian market. It contains some patents that make it incredibly powerful and at the same time easy to manage.

There are no limits to the items that can be loaded into your warehouse which can be managed via a simple and intuitive control panel from anywhere in the world.
freecomm is the heart of your company, it communicates with your website, with the main search engines, with price comparators, with Social Networks and is able to exchange incoming and outgoing data with most important Marketplaces.

LDB Service

You take care of the products, we take care of the rest

The LDB service (Logistic, Delivery, Banking) arises from the need to provide companies with all the services necessary for online sales, from the collection service to the management of logistics and shipments by lifting the company from this onerous commitment that could take it away from product care.

It has no fixed costs, you pay only when you sell with the Revenue Share formula. A service so useful for our customers that our solution is one of the most sought after by the best Made in Italy brands.

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Marketing Service

You have the best products, we have the best way to sell them online

One of the hardest things about an e-commerce project is to bring customers to your online store. Statistics show that the conversion rate, that is the ratio between visitors and sales, is on average one purchase for every hundred visits.

This is why we have created storiediweb , the Marketing Automation application capable of intercepting the largest number of customers interested in your products in a simple and economical way.

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