LDB service

Logistics, Delivery and Banking

The most important part challenging in undertaking an e-commerce is managing everything that happens after the product is sold online.

The management of the receipts, the choice of the courier for the shipment, the identification of the most suitable packaging; suitable are the basis of a carefree sale. Then, if problems occur, it is necessary to know how to deal with the customs procedures of each country, activate the refund procedures if the package is lost, manage returns and all the other cases that Retalco already has during its ten-year experience addressed and solved.

Thanks to the L.D.B. Retalco will take care of of all this with the "revenue share" formula, leaving you the task of thinking exclusively about the product in order to optimize its quality, price and availability.

Logistics Assistance

Packaging suitable for the type of goods and the geographical destination is; the basis of a hassle-free shipment. Retalco offers you its experience in the treatment of all types of products:
Food, bulky items, precious objects, fragile products we know how to treat them to get them to their destination safely and quickly.

Shipping Management

Globalization and the attack on the twin towers have radically changed the international transport of goods. Sending a bottle of wine to Indonesia or a perfume to New York nowadays is; become a nightmare for many companies. Customs procedures, shipping costs, breakage of packages, returns are just some of the aspects that must be addressed to ensure a worry-free shipment.
Retalco has developed a proprietary shipping system that guarantees delivery of all kinds of goods in any country at unthinkable costs for the end customer. An example? we deliver with 5 euros throughout Italy, including the islands, in less than 24 hours. In Europe we ship with an average of 10 euros in 48 hours. America, Japan, and China from € 18.

Collections and Payments

One of the most delicate phases of online sales is; collection management. Retalco offers the customer various payment systems, the most used is the one with credit cards. Not having the possibility to physically verify the card and its holder, this operation carries a high risk of fraud.
Our company has developed, in collaboration with the main banking institutions, a "Plausibility of payment" system that allows us to completely filter any fraudulent purchase attempts. This ensures that when the goods leave the money is safe in the bank.

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