Our mission ?
to give the opportunity to all companies to sell online.

Retalco is able to offer companies the best solution to start selling online: a robust e-commerce platform, a full-service post-sales and marketing to attract customers.
Our modular approach will ensure that you can choose only the services you need, in total respect of your corporate identity in order to protect and grow the value of your brand.

One of the best professional ecommerce platform

The freecomm platform is the first e-commerce platform to compete with large international platforms, beating them in terms of flexibility and knowledge of the market. It encloses many patents that make it incredibly powerful and at the same time simple to manage.
There is no limit to the items that you can load in your warehouse that can be managed via a simple and intuitive control panel from anywhere in the world.
Freecomm is the heart of your business, interacts with your web site with the major search engines, with the price comparators, with social networks and is able to exchange input and output data with the most important Marketplaces.

L.D.B. service
You think of the products, all the rest to us

The LDB service (Logistic, Delivery, Banking) arises from the need to provide businesses with all the necessary services to the online sale, the collection service to the management of logistics and freight forwarding by lifting the company from this huge undertaking that could alienate from the care of the product.
It has no fixed costs and you only pay when you sell. A service so useful for our customers to make our company in a short time the most sought after by the best brands.